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LAF is from the original word LAUGH . LAF is stand for Lepak And Foto . Its also can be known as Laugh And Friendship . Strictly, THIS IS NOT A COMMUNITY SITE BUT ITS ABOUT FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN US . This page is to show how strong friendship that had been build between us . We are being who we are . We are here not for fame . We do everything together as a siblings in a simple way . We gonna prove you that we are not fuckin stupid searching for a cheap publicity . TQ

LAF idea daripada QAZ and we all semua setuju terima LAF utk melambangkan friendship kitorang . Pada ketika ini LAF terdiri daripada 19 org . Try join n lepak dgn kitorang ! :) sure korang happy . LAF hanya utk org yg mmg betol2 boleh berkawan dgn kitorang .

ATTENTION : We are not easily accepting you as our friends . Don't missunderstand if we are adding you or accepting your request . We offer the place for those who are close to one of us . Please be your ownself , dont be like a stupid fucker fake ok . Be honest with us and we all will be the best buddy for you . :)

Display LAF bole diletak biler korang dah kua lepak @ dpt permission drpd slh sorang LAF's members . Nasihat kitorang , dah jady member kitorang harap kekal lah yea . Friendship kitorang bkn jenis pakaibuang dol ! thanks . :)

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